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What am I allowed to ship ?

Generally if the product can fit on one shipping pallet it is always a good start. Of course you should never presume that your product is fine to be shipped, you should always confirm with your logistics company before going down the path of selling the product. There is usually restrictions on liquids gels & illegal substances but again, always confirm with your logistics company!


At what point do I get a logistics company to do my fulfilment too ?

We would advise when you hit the 200 orders per day mark you should contact your logistics company and discuss on the idea of them taking over fulfilment.

This is the point where it becomes worth your time and money for a logistics company to take over.


Track and trace is it really necessary ?

In today’s market Track and Trace is very necessary, mainly to avoid fraud but there are many other positives that track and trace will give to your business.

Some of these are:

  • Reduce support as customer will not be ringing you and requesting to find out why their package has not been delivered.
  • Your business will automatically look more trustworthy to a customer as they will feel safe in their purchase.
  • Opportunity for further cross selling and increasing number of new customers.

Shipping outside of Europe what should I consider ?

Import taxes need to be considered as these can considerably add costs to shipping.

Local restrictions are difficult as countries have different rules and laws. Check with your logistics company in order to find out where and what you can and cannot ship.


Can I ship perishables what should I consider ?

Perishables in order to be shipped must be safely and properly stored. The lifespan of a product obviously must be long enough in order to first reach its destination but also have time for the customer to use/consume.

If the product is meat or any other item requiring a certain temperature you will need to contact your logistics company in order to organise this.

If you are shipping items that have a best before date, you need to store in your ecommerce system the time the product was packaged and how long it has been in transit. If delivery is delayed you need a process in place to inform them not to consume or use the product if it has passed the best before date or its tempreture control period.


How is shipping calculated ?

Weight x Cubic Capacity x Rate. Some  logistics providers will have flat rates within bands so as to make it easier for the store owner.  Note :  It is a good idea to weigh/measure every item you stock so as to be able to avail of the best logistics rates later.


Indicative shipping times from Ireland to UK, US, Asia, Africa, Australia

Ireland to UK: 1-2 Days

Ireland to EU:  2+ days

Ireland to US: 2+ days

Ireland to Australasia 2-3+ days

It is a good idea to offer express and ordinary shipping to your customer as they may want your product in a hurry.